What I Can Do

Nobody wants average and certainly not average in a shiny suit.
When it comes to selling your property, likely to be your most valuable asset, this is especially true.

No Ordinary Estate Agent

In an industry that’s becoming increasingly impersonal, I want to reinvent British estate agency simply by providing a direct partnership to each one of my clients. No more being passed from pillar to post – you’ll work with me directly for the entirety of your property journey. Moreover, I’ll roll my sleeves up and ‘get in the trenches’ for you. Ready to take a call at 9pm or do viewings on a Sunday - I will always do what’s right by you.

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, I just want to do property exceptionally well. I’ll be your wingman, advisor, guide and friend all rolled into one. I’ll not only make sure that you feel like my most important client, I’ll put more money in your pocket too by helping you make smarter decisions about your property.

How to Spot a Brilliant Agent

Great estate agency isn’t about whacking the details on Rightmove and Zoopla and hoping for the best. I’m a matchmaker at heart and often my successes come about by introducing a property to a buyer they’d never have considered otherwise.

Work with an agent that knows what works to attract the ‘right buyers’. An agent that can easily build rapport and trust with potential buyers, but never forgets that the seller is the ultimate client. Great agents are proactive. A successful property deal doesn't happen by itself.

A good agent will, of course, recommend which minor jobs around the home should be done to maximise appeal and results - from moving furniture and fixing the banister to replacing some blown light bulbs and giving guidance on landscaping. A brilliant agent will answer your calls at the weekend, work with your best interests at heart and treat you how they’d wish to be treated themselves - with kindness, no fluff and total transparency.

I want to surpass your expectations and leave you blown away with a personal service so great, you’ll happily recommend me to friends and family. To me, that’s how estate agency should be.

Many a Slip Between Cup and Lip

Quite often finding the buyer and negotiating an acceptable price is the straightforward part of the transaction.

With an agreed sale there are buyer’s surveys and solicitors to contend with. A great agent does their utmost to ensure it’s plain sailing all the way to completion.

This means a lot of interaction with the buyer and their solicitor, sometimes having to take a firm hand, calming nerves with a survey report and juggling suitable completion dates.

Many a deal has to be rescued from the jaws of defeat – it’s the skilled agent that can do this in their stride.

So Many Agents to Choose From It’s Confusing!

Sellers in London are spoilt for choice.

Some choose an agent based on who has the most sales boards, while others will choose based on who’s giving the highest valuation advice with the cheapest fee.

I won’t be the cheapest agent you’ll come across. Neither is it my desire to be inundated with so many clients that my service suffers. My brutal honesty also sometimes means I have to turn business down. For some, my mantra of ‘telling you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear’ doesn’t fit. If I don’t think your expectations on price are genuinely achievable, I’ll tell you. The last thing I want is to give you false expectations and have to let you down later. That’s not how I roll.

With me, I’m here to hold your hand from the very first meeting all the way through to handing over your keys. My role is to make one of life’s most stressful experiences as smooth as possible.

Moreover, my fees are strictly payable on results only. If my endeavours fail then quite frankly, I don’t deserve to be paid. Sound fair?

My Advice to Every Property Seller

Go with the agent that ‘tells it as it is’ – who appears to have the skill, backs up their thoughts with evidence, speaks with integrity and gives you that good feeling in your stomach.

They may cost a little more but it’s likely they’ll be able to squeeze and negotiate a higher price on your behalf. Their service should really be considered an investment.

If your home is already on the market, but hasn’t attracted many viewings, or offers, there’s always a good reason why. If you’re not on the market yet and would like some candid advice about the market, please feel free to call me on: 07779 295968.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

I can honestly say that the service has been exemplary."
- Kevin Knowlton

My experience with Simon Taylor was even better than I had hoped. This is how selling property should be done - it was fast, efficient and transparent.

I was treated like an adult and a valued customer by Simon and he and I have built a very good short-term working relationship for the duration of the transaction. Trust is something that estate agents have struggled with in recent years but my experience leaves me with no qualms in recommending him to others."
- Campbell Walker

Simon Taylor initially came by to walk us through the process and answer questions.
His visit made up our minds straight away to move forward. Simon was professional, reassuring, always available for questions and an absolute pleasure to work with"
- Natalie Style

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