"Excellent service and a fantastic estate agent - highly recommended. To say Simon Taylor exceeded my expectations on every level is an understatement. Simon’s vast knowledge, dedication to provide me with excellent service and efficiency meant that I did not have to worry or stress about anything. His approach and management of the selling process has been faultless and impeccable including speedy communication and an incredible drive and passion to sell my property at the best price possible. I was amazed that I did not have to chase Simon for anything as he was always on the ball, kept me in the loop regarding progress and provided all necessary information every step of the way. He made what could have been a stressful situation a happy and enjoyable experience for which I am truly grateful"

Sharon Kakar

"From the moment Simon came into our home we had a good feeling about him. He felt like somebody I’d be happy to buy a house from myself and I thought potential buyers of our property would probably feel the same way. He was also very keen (this is, after all, his own business), alert and engaging. Communication throughout was excellent (he was even chatting through an offer with us on a Sunday afternoon while he was on a family outing) and he was a pleasure to talk to. He also did all the things you would expect an agent to do when it came to checking out the people making offers. Now our house is under offer and we are happy with the price"


"Supportive, communicative, open, great service. Simon Taylor was the agent for the sale of my East London flat. It couldn’t have been a better service. Simon was helpful, always made himself available, was open and genuine, and constantly proactively supportive. Having had bad estate agent experiences in the past and even recently when viewing properties, Simon was a refreshing experience of what estate agency should be like. I would recommend him to anyone."

J Gilroy

"Sold within 5 days! Simon made sure we were fully debriefed after each viewing, gave his point of view which was not pushed onto us but was received in a way which felt as if we have a true partner. This was extremely useful to us, as its our first time selling a property"

Natalie Kalliga

"Fantastic service throughout. No hassle, easy to work with and had our best interests at heart. Simon Taylor was excellent from start to end. Offering local market advice, quick replies to any questions and help throughout the negotiation process. Would certainly work with Simon again in future."

Michael Davis

"Outstanding service. I’m in my 70’s and I decided to sell my property after 40 years of living there so it was very daunting for me, however, once Simon Taylor came to value my property I felt completely at ease. He reassured me in every aspect of selling my property and I felt very confident in his ability. The communication I received from him was excellent and the whole process ran very smoothly."

Julie Jessop

"The professional way to sell property! From the moment Simon Taylor walked into our home we felt very comfortable with his professional, relaxed and non-pushy approach. He remained realistic in what would be achieved and did not make any impossible promises. He did promise, however, that he would hold hands through what often could be an emotional rollercoaster ride - a promise he kept. After six weeks we found ourselves with three offers all around the asking price. This required serious negotiation skills, ending with Simon achieving for us a very agreeable result. Thank you Simon."

Paul and Sylvia Hammond

"Simon Taylor initially came by to walk us through the process and answer questions. His visit made up our minds straight away to move forward. Simon was professional, reassuring, always available for questions and an absolute pleasure to work with"

Natalie Style

"My experience with Simon Taylor was even better than I had hoped. This is how selling property should be done - it was fast, efficient and transparent. I was treated like an adult and a valued customer by Simon and he and I have built a very good short-term working relationship for the duration of the transaction. Trust is something that estate agents have struggled with in recent years but my experience leaves me with no qualms in recommending him to others.”"

Kevin Knowlton

"Helpful and hardworking. The market is difficult at the moment and it took a lot of work, but he was constantly in contact and helpful throughout the process"

James Anderson

"Simon was both friendly and professional, and the communication was outstanding"

Ann Huntress

"From start to finish, the service and professionalism has been exceptional from Simon Taylor"

T Lutchman